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Bijoya Sammilani Celebration 13.11.2018

When the whole city begins a countdown for the next pujaafter Puja celebrations, GMIT do not want to let go off festivities and look for any excuses to carry on with boisterous gathering. Asevery year this time GMIT organised Bijoya sammilani on Nov 13, 2018in a traditional attirecreatinga bucolic ambience with lots of 'adda' , 'gaaner ashor', 'abritti' and lots more. Everyone shared how the days spent in pujas with their family members. With the treadbeats of dhakis all basked with dhunuchi naach and Sindur khelawith the reiteration of one slogan in unison "Asche bochor abar hobe". All ended with bengali bhuri bhoj in 'kalapata' (the banana leaves) and lots of clicksfor the memories to be enlivened forever.