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Department of Basic Science and Humanities

The department of Basic science and humanities remains a major part of the four years inter-disciplinary B.Tech program and includes five major departments – Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Humanities and Management. It goes without saying that no knowledge is useful and innovative unless it is rooted in fundamentals. For engineers of the emerging world, in which competition has become global and all pervasive, a sound knowledge of the basics of Physics, Chemistry and a mastery over highly advanced mathematical techniques serve as fundamentals along with strong English communication skills.

Department of Mathematics:

The department of mathematics offers courses at undergraduate levels. The department is a major participant in running the 4 year – interdisciplinary B.Tech programme. The faculty members of the department join industrial research and consultancy team of the Institute to solve engineering problems mutually – involving high mathematics and computer application contents. The department takes a lead role in developing curriculum and syllabus for engineering mathematics and statistics.

Engineering Physics:

This department has a well equipped lab. In addition to conventional experiments, the department has a special software based “Phoenix Kit” to perform innovative experiments in physics.

Engineering Chemistry:

Engineering chemistry as an integral part of the B. Tech course under West Bengal University of Technology. This department is relevant for first year B. Tech students of all streams for their papers on Environment and ecology in the 1st semester and engineering chemistry along with engineering chemistry laboratory in the 2nd semester. Also the paper on environmental management for the 3rd year student is taught by this department. Papers on material science for the students of Electrical, mechanical and production engineering department in the 3rd and 4th semester are also taught by this department.


The department of humanities is equipped with state of the art lab designed by centre of advance communication – STEP, IIT Kharagpur, where the students are trained to enhance aptitude, speaking and listening skills along with professional tips on group discussion and debate.