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About GMIT
Background & Future Commitment of GMIT

Background :: Engineering Education

In industry and society, the Engineers apply science, mathematics, and professional judgment to solve technical problems.

They design and develop products, processes, services and systems.

Engineers test, produce, operate, maintain, install and manage and even sometimes, sell, products and systems.

Many work in public health, transportation and environmental protection.

In today's world, engineers are expected to contribute more than technical competence.

As professionals, engineers are concerned with the impact of their work on society and the changing values and priorities of society.

The current emphasis on science and technology has increased public interest in engineering education as a general preparation for living as well as earning a living.

To deal effectively with rapid changes in technology, engineers must have a broad undergraduate education firmly based upon the basic sciences and embedded within a supportive liberal education program.

Engineers must have the ability to visualize a problem in its total context.

The need for broadly educated engineering graduates is very high and is expected to grow rapidly during the next decade.

Demand varies depending on location, type of local industry, and the economy.

Baruipur is one of the fastest-growing technical, manufacturing, and industrial regions of the state, and engineering opportunities in the State are good and are expected to improve during the next decade.

GMIT has named the Gargi Memorial Institute of Technology in memory & honour of late Smt. Gargi mukherjee, who had immensely contributed to the activities of the trust.

Approval & Affiliation of Gargi Memorial Institute of Technology (GMIT) :

Gargi Memorial Institute of Technology, Kolkata is approved by All India Council for Technical Education (A.I.C.T.E) & is affiliated to West Bengal University of Technology (WBUT).

GMIT commitment :

Creating an environment where students and faculty can reach their full potential in the fields of engineering and computing.

It is the aim of the Institute to inspire future engineers and computing professionals to live up to the personal and professional ideals of the GMIT family.

One of the hallmarks of the GMIT Engineering College is its focus on environmental & societal responsibility.

This important societal issue has been integrated into all facets of the engineering curriculum.

  • To Be The Country's Most Admired Engineering Institute to help students assume engineering positions in industry with the potential to advance to leadership positions.
  • To stimulate the Academic Environment for Continual Growth and Refinement of Quality Teaching-Learning in the Institution.
  • To encourage Self-evaluation, Accountability, Creativity and Self-discipline.
  • To publish Quality research studies, to undertake consultancy, Training Programme, Seminars.
  • To build an awareness that extends beyond technical knowledge to include ethical responsibility in the practice of our profession.
  • Fostering Local, national and Global Competencies among students.
  • Shouldering Social responsibilities.
Students Corner

Student Speaks :

»"I feel indebted to GMIT Kolkata for the life-changing experience the College continues to give all of us."

-- Avishek Pradhan, 1st Year Student at GMIT.

Guardian's View on GMIT :

»"Our son is very fortunate to be able to attend such a great College & quickly came to recognize how unique GMIT was in transforming how their students learn."

-- Sisir Kanti Ghosh - Guardian of 1st Year Student Srotriya Ghosh.

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