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Wi-Fi Campus:


Connection- Broadband Alliance

Speed- 20 mbps

Download High speed & Unlimited Wi-fi

Campus is having high speed internet facility.The institute has a Wi-Fi facility in the college campus for the student and faculty members to avail internet connection at any place in the college campus, hostel & faculty rooms. The connectivity through a fully networked campus with state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, computing & communication resources, offers students the facilities of e-mail, net surfing, up/down loading of web based application, besides helping them in preparing projects & seminars.


Scholarship Opportunity:


Computer Lab

The centralized 12 computer labs at GMIT boasts of 250+ computers with the latest version of operating system WINDOWS, LINUX etc. provides students internet and intranet facilities. The core computer lab are designed to meet the WBUT curriculum and is equipped with the latest software and hardware configuration, communication facilities and network. The computer lab is intended to be used for project and research work by students. 70 MBPS high speed internet unlimited download dedicated wireless broadband connection is provided for fast net surfing.


Lab Facility

The writing and study skills can only be upgraded if there is well developed and equipped laboratories which allows students to carry out practical sessions with the data gathered, their reasoning skills are honed and they start thinking deeply on concepts and innovations. GMIT comprises 71 labs with the respective streams and departments.

Note: please put the labs in column maintaining the respective departments

Basic Science & Humanities

  1. Physics Lab – I
  2. Physics Lab – II
  3. Chemistry Lab
  4. English language Lab

Mechanical Engineering

  1. Primary Manufacturing Lab
  2. Machine Shop
  3. Welding Lab
  4. Applied Mechanics Lab
  5. Fluid Mechanics Lab
  6. Thermodynamics I Lab
  7. Thermodynamics II Lab
  8. Mould Lab
  9. Material Lab
  10. Dynamics Lab
  11. Metrology & Measurement Lab
  12. Advanced Manufacturing Lab

Computer Science & Engineering

  1. Basic Computation & Principles of Computer Programming Lab
  2. Analog & Digital Electronic Lab
  3. Data Structure & Algorithm Lab
  4. Computer Organization Lab
  5. Communication Engineering & Coding Theory Lab
  6. Software Tools Lab
  7. Computer Architecture Lab
  8. Design & Analysis of Algorithm Lab
  9. Microprocessor & Microcontrollers Lab
  10. Programming Practices using C++
  11. Object Oriented Programming(IT) Lab
  12. Database Management System Lab
  13. Network Lab
  14. Operating System Lab
  15. Internet Technology Lab
  16. A.I. Lab

Electronics & Communication Lab

  1. Basic Electrical & Electronics Lab
  2. Engineering Drawing & Computer Graphics Lab
  3. Basic Computation & Principles of Computer Programming Lab
  4. Numerical Methods Lab
  5. Circuit Theory & Network Lab
  6. Solid State Device Lab
  7. Signal & System Lab
  8. Analog Electronics Circuit Lab
  9. EM Theory Lab
  10. Digital Electronics & Integrated Circuit Lab
  11. Analog Communication Lab
  12. Microprocessor & Microcontrollers Lab
  13. Control System lab
  14. Data Structure Lab
  15. Digital Communication Lab
  16. Digital Signal Processing Lab
  17. Design Lab
  18. VLSI Design Lab

Electrical Engineering Lab

  1. Analog & Digital Electronics Lab
  2. Electric Circuit Theory Lab
  3. Thermal Power Engineering Lab
  4. Electric Machine I Lab
  5. Electric Machine II Lab
  6. Electrical & Electronics Measurement Lab
  7. Power System I Lab
  8. Power System II Lab
  9. Control System I Lab
  10. Control System II Lab
  11. Power Electronics Lab

Civil Engineering Lab

  1. Solid Mechanics Lab
  2. Survey Practice
  3. Soil Mechanics Lab
  4. Fluid Mechanics Lab
  5. Concrete Lab
  6. Highway & Transportation Lab
  7. Geology Lab
  8. Cad Lab
  9. Environmental Engineering Lab
  10. Elective Lab




Titles- 2,110

Volumes of books- 17,796

Printed national journals- 38

E-journals -1

DELNET membership-1

E-book- 3,801

The heart of the college, the library at GMIT is totally digitalized with extensive nos. of titles and volumes of book. Boasting of a spacious stacking room, reference section and reading hall, the college has an amazing collection of text and reference book. What more, subscription to science and engineering journals help students stay updated with what is happening in their field, both nationally and internationally. The library serves as a resource centre and aims to develop a reading habit among the students.


Book Bank:

All students of the institute are entitled to the book bank facility available to the library section. About 17,796 books are already in circulation amongst existing students for their regular studies where each student gets 6 books at a time from the very start of their first semester, based on their curriculum for the specific semester and 2 reference books in alternative weeks. This cycle is in continuation until they complete their 4 years of B -Tech degree in GMIT.



The canteen is a pleasant clamour of voices, opinions and fun over food. There are 2 canteens in GMIT out of which one is the rooftop canteen. The eatables served in the canteen are prepared under hygienic conditions and are of good quality. Canteen functions from 10:00 AM to 05.00 PM for the benefit of students.


Hi-tech/Smart class rooms

There are Lecture and Tutorial Classrooms for respective 5 departments which are very spacious, airy and equipped with overhead projector and modern magnetic ceramic board. Separate tutorial rooms are also available for special classes. These model classrooms are fitted with LCD Projectors, audio and visual effects with white screen.


Seminar Hall

GMIT has 2 fully air conditioned seminar halls of 300 capacities with all the modern audio visual aids to support any seminar of national and international standard.



The institute has the proud distinction of maintaining fully acoustic auditorium, with a seating capacity of 255 and centrally air-conditioned. Equipped with modern facilities like multimedia projector, motorised screen and sound systems, the auditorium has an extensive interface suited to hold Seminars, Conferences and Exhibitions.


Gym and Sports Facilities

At GMIT, we firmly believe that a strong mind resides within a healthy body. Fuelled by the belief, we offer opportunities to students to participate in sports and extracurricular activities on campus instead of expecting them to remain immersed in their academic curricula 24/7. The campus provides an extensive expanse of playground where students have the option to participate in sports like table tennis, football and cricket.


Language Lab

In its constant journey towards excellence, GMIT has given paramount importance to the Humanities department. The college boasts of two state-of-the-art language laboratories completely based on IIT model, fully equipped with audio and visual devices to make language learning interesting as well as engrossing. The software used in GMIT's language laboratories perfectly blends the four language skills - Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing and complete Grooming focused on industry demands and its inbuilt videos and exercises are ideal for honing the language skills of our students.





Training & Developement


Research & Innovation Hub

Alumuni Zone