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Department of Civil Engineering

Civil engineering has a history as long as civilization itself. Civil engineers in their multifaceted roles are problem solver who utilizes sophisticated and cutting edge technologies to obtain realistic and economic solutions to the challenges encountered by society.

They plan, design, evaluate and execute the myriad facilities pertaining to the requirement of the society to make it a better place to live in. These includes designing and construction of modern tall structures, dams and bridges, multilane highways, railway networks, controlled irrigation system, water resource management, potable drinking water supply, control of flood and disaster management, drainage and waste management, remote sensing with satellite etc.

Civil engineers have a grasp of the complex processes of conceptualizing critical evaluation of feasibility, planning, designing, costing, constructing and how a constructed facility is expected to perform during its useful life. They have also roles to play within society involving management, regulatory enforcement and policy development for which they require to harness special technical and generic skills.

Construction work is recognized as by far the largest industry and is a major contributor to wealth generation and employment. As such, our aim is to bring a corporate outlook in educating engineers that would imbibe in students a sense of clarity in defining their goals.